European Commissions
Mandated and supported by the European Union, the Institute plays a pilot role within the framework of transnational training programs related to aquatic and hyperbaric activities.
This mission is carried out within the European Standardization Commissions (CEN) and vertical and horizontal groups for the labeling of Personal Protective Equipment.

This pilot role is carried out within the framework of the actions carried out by its Bureau of Standardization (BNAAH) and its Notified Body n ° 0078 in liaison with the concerned ministries and the AFNOR.

Mutual recognition of submerged works divers certificates
The Institute is an accredited examination center for Great Britain (HSE and IMCA) and Norway (NDP) for the issuance of professional qualification certificates.
This qualification applies in particular to submerged divers classified as A, for which mutual recognition was established in 1992 as part of a North Sea license: Equivalence of Class II and III certificates of qualification. and II HSE Certificates.

Diving “Offshore”
The I.N.P.P is one of the two centers in the world providing “Offshore” diving training with its 200 meter saturation dive system.