Step 1: Establishment of the registration file
The registration form download is available on the specific page of the course you have chosen.

Step 2: Search for financing
Do a search for funding for your internship with a training aid organization.

Step 3: Send the file to I.N.P.P.
I.N.P.P – Training Department
BP 157 – 13267 Marseille cedex 08 – FRANCE

Step 4: Filing of the financing file

Step 5: Calling
The I.N.P.P. you send a notice with a deadline by which you must provide:
– the agreement of your financing organization,
– or pay 30% deposit if you finance your internship,
– your certificate of medical fitness for hyperbaria,
– and any other missing document requested by I.N.P.P.

Step 6: Entrance to internship