Mention A,   Mention B  in  Marseille or Lorient
Mention C and D in Marseille

To carry out this recycling : When, How, Where, at what price?

Recycling  your CAH must be renewed every 5 years by a recycling exam. The retraining examination must be initiated by the holder of the HAC in the year preceding the date of expiry of his certificate.

When to revalidate your CAH?    (the chart attached will help you understand the period during which you will need to perform this revalidation; this table takes into account regulatory transitional measures)

How ?
a two-part recycling exam:

Theory: MCQs dealing with the regulations and knowledge related to the different themes (1 hour duration for B, C, D) and 2 hours for the mention A.

Practice : 

  • Mention A  : practice to recover a diver in difficulty, and an evaluation on the 5 functions.
  • Mention B : practice to recover a diver in difficulty.
    Mention C : practical aiming to organize and conduct a table OHB for class 3 C: practice aiming to organize an incursion in the living chamber, at a pressure of 4 bars, pressurized by the turret, transfer under pressure in the caisson life, and exercises of security.
  • Mention D : pressurized to 1.2 bars (class 0D), 3 bars (class 1D), 4 bars (2D class), practice to organize an incursion into the living chamber, at a pressure of 4 bars, pressurized by the turret, pressure transfer in the life box, and safety exercises (3D class).

where ? On our site in Marseille, or on our site in Lorient, contact us at 04 96 14 09 44 by mail: Dates can be proposed to you on Lorient

At what price ?

mention A : 600€ / durating 1 day.
mention B, C, D : 500€ / durating 1 day

Optional training before recycling

Mention A: 600 € / duration 1 day Mention B, C, D: 400 € / duration 1 day