1 – Prerequisites required

Concerning the mention A :

Issuing is carried out by processing the certificates of classification of certificates issued by: CETRAVIM, SOGETRAM, COMEX, CG DORIS and I.N.P.P. before March 1990.

Concerning the mention A :
The examination of the file is ensured from a pre-requisite hyperbaric qualification in accordance with Annex III of the decree of 28 January 1991, amended by the decree of 24 March 2000.

2 – Age requirements
The candidate must be under 40 years old. Aged more than 40 years, he will have to apply for an exemption of age from the secretariat of Hyperbaric Certification of I.N.P.P.

3 – Medical fitness for hyperbaria
The candidate must be medically fit and possess the medical opinion of fitness for hyperbaria, in accordance with the provisions:
•   du décret du 28 mars 1990 (titre VII)

•  et de l’arrêté du 28 mars 1991