The professional hyperbaric world

In the field of “hyperbaric” activities, specialized personnel work (A or D) or intervene (B or C)
in an environment where the absolute and relative “pressure” is experienced daily with
the constraints imposed by an aggressive factor . This aggressive factor  requires the definition
of security rules allowing the man to access it to perform a job and to leave safely. This specific environment can be “wet” and “dry” and the interveners are respectively divers and hyperbarists
* whose main objective is to perform a “task” in a “pressurized” environment following procedures specific intervention.

Intervention methods and procedures taught

  • Intervention in scuba with air and blends with respirators
  • open-circuit, closed-circuit and closed seedling,
  • Hookah * and Bubble Intervention *,
  • Intervention with saturation dive system (turret *),
  • Intervention in atmospheric pressure with submarines.

Objectives of professional hyperbaric training

  • Acquire specific knowledge and skills.
  • Work safely.
  • Obtain hyperbaric certification.