An international audience
Beyond its European presence, I.N.P.P. enjoys an international audience in the field of hyperbaria, and trains divers throughout the world.
The Institute is a member of the International Marine Contractors Association IMCA and the International Diving Schools Association IDSA and the Association Diving Contractors (USA).

International interventions
China: Pilots and divers.
U.R.S.S. : Pilots and divers.
Great Britain: Class III commercial divers.
Italy: Pilots of the Italian Navy.
Finland: Drivers.
Algeria: Deep-sea divers.
South Korea: Drivers.
Arab Republic Of Egypt: Deep-sea divers.
Brazil: Brazilian Navy Doctors.
United Arab Emirates: Divers – Minesweeper.
Nigeria: Commercial divers – Doctors – Nurses.
Burundi: Commercial divers – Doctors.
India: Indian Marine Divers.
And also: Malaysia – Australia – New Zealand – Canada – Norway – Portugal …